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October 02, 2019


If you find yourself in a bit of worry whenever you look into the mirror, you see signs of aging and wrinkles on your face, and you feel pains and body aches all the time it is the time to get your skin tone right and bright with the new LuxVerve Rejuvenator 3X.  The 3X devices give a 360-degree treatment to your skin and body. Not only does it relieves from body aches and pains, but it also increases the blood flow in the skin, burns the excessive fat on the skin, tightens the skin and enhances the skin tone. The best thing is that it isn’t limited to the face only, it can be applied to all parts of the body. 

Using ultrasonic waves along with infrared heat, the LuxVerve Rejuvenator 3X increases the blood flow under the outer most layer of the skin. It breaks the fat deposits and eliminates them. The improved blood circulation reduces pains and aches. 


  • Its non-invasiveness makes it superior to any other similar treatment.
  • Inexpensive and affordable. 
  • Relieves from chronic pains and body-aches 
  • Dimes the wrinkles and fine lines provides a fresh skin texture and tone. 
  • Reduces and burns the body fats, tighten and tone the skin. 
  • Easy to carry, Simpler to use. 
  • The appearance is stylish.
  • Face and Body Massager. 

Who can Use?

This rejuvenator isn’t limited to a single gender or a specific age group. Anyone who needs to get slim, tone up the body and get relief from constant body aches can use the 3X rejuvenator. 


What makes it different from the others?

  • 360 Degree usage
  • Reduces body weight and fats
  • Provides relief from Pains
  • Increase blood flow and provide freshness to the skin
  • Multiple functionalities
  • Easier and simpler to use
  • Quick Results 
  • Available for any age group

How to Use?


STEP 1:Connect the body sculpting device to the power cord.

STEP 2:Press the ON/OFF button to switch on or switch off your device.

STEP 3:Press LED and choose the desired light mode.

  • Press ION- to maximize benefits of the RED LIGHT MODE
  • Press ION+ to maximize benefits of the BLUE LIGHT MODE
  • The sonic and ion features can be adjusted by pressing the function button repeatedly


Massage pads are designed to be used with the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) function this function stimulates muscles with low-level electrical currents allowing them to contract which has the potential to improve fat mass and reduce muscle pain. When using this mode, the metal head should not make direct contact with your skin. 

STEP 1: To use massage pads, connect one end of the Ems wire to pads and the other to the device. 

STEP 2:  Remove protective film form pads (do not discard) and stick pads to the desired treatment location (do not overlap pads). 

STEP 3: Before turning on, make sure EMS mode is set to zero on the right side of the device. 

STEP 4:  Choose the desired EMS mode on the left side of the device: 

STEP 5:  Press POWER to turn on the device and then press the EMS button to start the EMS function. 

STEP 6:  Select the desired EMS intensity level on the right side of the device.


Apply to each area for 3-6 minutes can be used 3x week

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