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About Us

LuxVerve is a lifestyle brand for people like you who want to look and feel great. “Lux” refers to luxury. “Verve” means vitality or energy.

Our mission is to help people look and feel younger and healthier by using safe, effective, affordable, and fun technology.

Our products are second to none. You will benefit from this world-class technology. You will notice how you look and feel better. Other people will see how you look “fresh” and revitalized. Gone will be the days when people ask if you are tired.

People ask how we’re able to offer such quality products at very reasonable prices. The answer is simple. Because of our streamlined business model, we are able to pass our savings directly to you while maintaining the highest standards and provide you with superior products.

Currently, our products are only available to customers within the United States. If you live outside the U.S., contact us. We will see if special arrangements can be made.

Be sure to join our newsletter (in the footer of this page). We send out periodic notifications of special offers and new product releases.

We’re always here to answer your questions and learn how we can best serve you.

Thank you

The LuxVerve Team